Educating and empowering women through straightforward financial consulting

About Sprinkle Consulting

I’m Allie Sprinkle, Founder and Estate Advocate of Sprinkle Consulting. After spending nearly two decades as a wealth manager at large financial firms, I founded Sprinkle Consulting to give women like you more financial clarity when it comes to portfolio management, statement evaluations, handling unexpected life events, and gathering basic knowledge of your finances. I don’t manage your money; I guide you to identify the questions and answers surrounding your financial goals. From understanding your array of financial accounts to the people and passwords that unlock access to your assets, I work with you to become a more financially focused female.

Quotation Marks

“Allie was referred to me by a family friend after my Dad passed away. All of my parents’ finances became my responsibility, which was very stressful. Allie came to my mom’s house and got on my Dad’s computer with me. She transferred my Dad’s investment accounts into my mom’s name and arranged for the same monthly distributions to be made. She was extremely knowledgeable and helpful in numerous ways. She was truly a Godsend to me, and I plan to keep relying on her guidance in the future.”

- Patti W.

Why Financial Consulting?

Financial Protection

Establish a Foundation

Girls don’t just wanna have fun – they wanna establish independence and financial freedom! I’ll help you gain confidence in your ability to manifest future stability.

Financial Protection

Expect the Unexpected

A financial flash flood can arrive at a moment’s notice. As your financial advocate, I’ll help to ensure you have peace of mind by helping you prepare for a rainy day.

Financial Protection

Capitalize on Success

Success hasn’t come easy, but your hard work has paid off. I work with career-oriented women like you to review your portfolio and help you meet your financial goals.

Become a more confident, financially focused female