Business of Life

Young Adults Navigating the Real World

It’s a common discussion amongst young adults that the chemistry and algebra classes they took in school seem useless when it comes to surviving financially in the real world. How can memorizing the periodic table translate to understanding HOA fees, car payments, and interest rates? Our younger generations need guidance from those who have been in their shoes and learned some important financial lessons as they navigated the unknowns of adulthood.

Before my extensive experience as a wealth manager, I was also a young girl who made all the wrong financial choices after receiving my first paycheck. When looking back on the past decisions I made and the hard lessons I learned, I knew there needed to be more resources surrounding financial awareness available for young women. That’s why I created Business of Life.

Business of Life is a class and game-type setting for students and their parents looking for practical guidance as they prepare to navigate the world on their own. The goal is to help these young women understand the fundamentals when it comes to conquering the cost of living – from renting their first apartment to handling unexpected expenses.

Business of Life Benefits

Real World Scenarios


While the skills that our students develop in an academic environment are important, there isn’t enough focus on preparing them for adulthood. Business of Life aims to change that.

Financial Protection


From understanding FICA deductions to knowing how to prepare for an unexpected flat tire or medical expense, Business of Life works to cover the curve balls life throws at us.

Financial Protection

Comprehensive Guidance

You don’t need years of life experience to gain financial awareness – you just need the right coach to break things down in a way that’s easy to comprehend for future application.

Quotation Marks

“Business of Life was such a wonderful and insightful program for my daughter who is heading off to college in the fall. It provides an easy-to-understand format for young women to learn the importance of financial ‘awareness.’ It is important to equip our children as they head into adulthood, and Finance is an area that is often not discussed and little to no ‘training.’ This program is essential for all young adults and empowers and equips them with tools and life skills for success.”

- Elaine D.

Become a more confident, financially focused female