Facts of Life Workbook

Life’s “Go-Bag”

Many couples will tell you that the secret to a successful marriage is to learn and to love. As we grow older together, we quickly realize that one of the lessons we learn is to expect the unexpected. That’s why people like you prepare for a rainy day. But the umbrella you stashed for the storm won’t help if you can’t find it when the downpour arrives!

Women who are facing divorce or thought they were “taken care of” by a spouse who unexpectedly passes are suddenly scrambling for a life raft. They find themselves asking, “Where are our accounts? How do I access my money? What are the passwords?” This scary scenario is all too real. But it doesn’t have to be. Asking questions now and being proactive can leave you protected with peace of mind.

I created the Facts of Life Workbook as life’s “go bag” – a detailed collection of everything important in life, stored in an accessible 3-ring binder in case of an emergency. It’s a simple solution for loved ones who need to locate important information and handle affairs if the unexpected happens.

Facts of Life Benefits

Financial Protection

Multiple Uses

This workbook can be utilized as an emergency life “go-bag,” an addendum to your estate plan, or a helpful resource to leave for the babysitter if you go out of town.

Financial Protection

Incredibly Detailed

The Facts of Life Workbook includes dedicated sections for storing crucial documents relating to personal, medical, dependent, pet, and important account information.

Financial Protection

Easily Transferable

While storing information electronically has its pros, what happens if a loved one is unable to gain access? Having a hard-copy version makes things easily accessible.

Quotation Marks

“The Sprinkle Consulting Facts of Life Book is just what we needed to help organize all the things we have going on in our lives. It has helped us write down contacts, passwords, and accounts located in our heads and put them into an organized workbook that allows loved ones or executors to understand the roadmap of our lives. You owe it to your family to have a book like this that will help them when you are no longer able to.”

- Bill and Nancy S.

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