Portfolio Review & Assessment

The Need for Portfolio Transparency

There are both good and bad actors in the investment world. If you don’t have direct experience with managing investment portfolios, it’s hard to see the red flags that may arise from working with a dishonest or inexperienced portfolio manager. So, not surprisingly, many women don’t have a clear picture or understanding of what they actually own. But being able to recognize poor portfolio creation and management straight away is crucial to ensure you aren’t at financial risk.

My wealth of experience managing multi-million dollar estates, trusts, and portfolios has given me the ability to help you separate the good from the bad. I provide financially focused females with a panoramic view of their portfolios. I’ll help you understand how your dollars are being invested, whether your assets are being managed properly and at the right cost, and if the proper needs are being prioritized.

Portfolio Review and Assessment Benefits

Financial Protection

Holistic Overview

A thorough review of your investment portfolio will help you understand the scope of your investments. I tap into my experience as a former wealth manager to ensure your portfolio maintains the right diversity and balance.

Financial Protection

Expert Guidance

Being invested in your investments means knowing how to ask the right questions – but many don’t know what to ask. I provide you with the necessary questions and guide you in translating your investment manager’s answers.

Financial Protection

Peace of Mind

You work hard for your money, so your investment manager should too. Allowing an extra set of eyes to look over your assets ensures that anyone managing your investment portfolio is making trustworthy, transparent decisions.

Quotation Marks

“Allie helped me understand the holdings in my portfolio. I have no financial background and had to put all my trust in my money manager, but I wanted to make sure the choices he made really served me. With her help, I was able to ask good questions and understand my positions better.”

- Amanda P.

Become a more confident, financially focused female